Tim Ratha - Khmer model and actress - Part1

Tem Ratha (ទឹម រដ្ឋា) - Khmer model and actress, say that a lot of men love her. Khmer model and actress, Tem Ratha (ទឹម រដ្ឋា), told Kohsantepheap newspapers that a lot of men love her and promise her money, car and flat as well but so far she does not make decision who he is and her heart is still free. And she rejected the rumor that she has her own boyfriend and that she would become businesswoman soon in near future. She said that her heart is free and open to everyone who wants to be her own heart and she will love too.

At the present, she is working as TV presenter with Asia Southeast Television after her career is successful.

In an interview with Kohsatepheap, she said that a lot of men really ask for her love and some dare to promise her money, modern luxury car and house. In addition, they dare to spend money to open shop for her as well if she agrees to marry. Until now, she has yet to decide to agree with someone and she guarantees that she is really free without be involving with anyone.

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