Keo Pichpisey Beautiful famous Khmer actress

Name: Keo Pich Pisey (កែវ ពេជ្រពិសី)
Date of birth: May 17 1983, Height: 1.65m, Weight: 49kg, 3 Sizes: N/A, Education: N/A, Professional: Movie Star

She is a new rising star who has been staring in many karaoke DVD by RHM, New Preah Vihear, and KH Promotion. In 2004, she has become a movie star in Cambodian Motion Picture. For now, she is marriaded with Khmer stay in USA since 2009. She said, he has alot of guys want to marry her but she refused. She want to stay a single for while. She is afraid of falling in love with the wrong man. but now it true she broken with her husban after marrided two - three months latter. Now she is famous Cambodian fashion woman.

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